Band Parents

Band Parents

Monday, September 11, 2006

Carpooling - is it worth it?

I am a Morning person. My fellow carpoolers are not. They both have been meeting at our rendezvous 10 to 15 minutes after the agreed upon time. This frustrates me. But carpooling saves me $87.60 every 3 weeks in gas when gas is at $2.19 like it is today. I have young children in sprots who have activities that start between 5:30 and 6:00. If I am not getting back to my car by 6:00, I miss out on watching them. $87.60 - That's an average of $30 a week, $6 a day. I think I will stick with it. I can drive myself on occasions when the boys have some activites. My son has a soccer game tomorrow between my work and home. But it's my week to drive. I already have to beg off driving Friday due to Hibby's business trip. I need to be there when the boys get ont he bus at 7:05 and need to be back by 6:00 PM to pcik up the 6 YO from Daycare.

Another rant. One of the fellow carpools it a single guy under 30. When he has a reason to be home early, no problem. But Fridays, when I need to be early, I am always pressed for time. I hate to be late. I hate to be rushed. I do not like showing up at the daycare at 5:55 and my son is the last kid there. One time it was 6:05. Rant over.

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