Band Parents

Band Parents

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Menu Monday - A day late again..

I think about my menus on Friday, because I grocery shop Saturday mornings (when I can)

Sunday - Rice, Chicken breasts and a apricot sauce. - Not a huge hit.
Monday - Meatloaf I cooked Sunday night because the 11 YO has soccer practice until 5:30 and Hubby and I have a 6:00 meeting for the Wrestling club. - Hubby brought me a plate with a slice of meatloaf and leftover rice.
Tuesday - This will be an eat out night. the 11 YO has a soccer game 25 miles away at 5:30 meaning he has to be there at 5:00
Wednesday - Turkey Breasts in the crockpot - another soccer game but not until 6:45
Thursday - Hubby is fly to Atlanta so We will ahve Ham and Green Beans in the crockpot. Hubby is not a ham fan
Friday - Leftovers - As of Tuesday we have half of the meatloaf. - Maybe I will crumble it and make fried rice.

Visit Org Junkie for more menus

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