Band Parents

Band Parents

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Hubby’s brother live in CA. His sons are 5 and 1. I put together a baby-safe photo album of pictures of his Grandparents, Uncle (Hubby), Aunt (my sister-in-law) and his cousins (my sons). Hubby got a phone call from his brother asking why I did not include a picture of me. Hubby says “I know you don’t like pictures of yourself, but you should have included one.”

Hello! Who’s always taking the pictures? When was the last time he took a picture of me that was not from 100 feet away and very unflattering? His family does not think to take many pictures. And when they do it’s of things like cats. LOL! Not to say anything about my Mother-in-law’s beloved cats.

I broke into tears a few days after my son’s First Communion. I had taken pictures of son with Dad, Son with Grandpas, son with Godfather, son with my parents… We were going to take more pictures later, but forgot, even my Mom who’s pretty good about that kind of thing. There were no pictures of my with my son on that important day. Yes, we dressed up in our clothes and I made Hubby take a picture, but it was not the same.

At Hubby’s graduation is December I took pictures of Hubby with his Dad, Mom ,sister, the boys, his friend who came in from Chicago… If there is one of he and I, my parents would have taken it.

Hubby bought a new camera. He wanted to be able to get sports shots of the boys. He took it last night to a family birthday party. He did take a picture of me and the 7YO together. I hope it came out OK.  



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