Band Parents

Band Parents

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Talking with my boys

Last night just before bedtime I was spending some quality time with my 6 yo. He said "Today was somebody's 5th anniversary, but I don't know who's." So very carefully I told him about bad men who did not like the United States who decided to take over planes and fly them into buildings and many people died.

Saturday we attended the festival put on by the local Greek Orthodox Church. the 11 yo wanted to know what the Greek Orthodox church was. I started talking about how sacraments in an Orthodox Church "count" as Catholic sacraments and how in the early centries of the Christian Church that there was disagreement between the East and the West over authority of the pope..
"Mom, I know all about the schism."
"Oh, Well the Orthodox Church is comprised of several different Orthodox sects, There are the Russian Orthodx, The Greek Orthodox and others."

So glad to know he's paying attention in Religion calss.

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