Band Parents

Band Parents

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


My 11 Yo’s teacher sent this email this morning:


Dear Parents - One of my History exchanges this morning spent a lot of time discussing the events of September 11, 2001.  They had many questions on what happened, why, how, why security is the way that it is at airports today, and what the possibility was of this happening again.  I didn't realize that they were first graders when it happened. (To me it seems just like yesterday.)  I was surprised at how much they wanted to talk about it. 


I bring this to your attention because maybe you too, didn't realize their need to discuss this, and understand this, and that there may be some hidden fears. 


Wow! These are 6th Grader’s. It does seem like it was just yesterday. I guess I know what I am going to bring up at the dinner table tonight.

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zoe said...

For me, my eldest, who was still in Primary school (UK) is now in his final year of compulsory eduction, and I can't imagine it has really been THAT long.