Band Parents

Band Parents

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Growing up

I let my 11 YO go to a HS football game last night. I handed him my old cell phone and told him to call me. I was going to my monthly Girls night out. Dad and the 7 yo had a soccer game. My cousins was going to be there since her hubby is a coach. I knew coaches from the wrestling team would be there also. So I was not worried about any trouble. We had been up there for a cookout with the wrestling club kids team.

I seems my 11 YO made friends with a set of triplets who are the sisters of a set of twins on the team. Oh boy! He took a pictue with the cell phone of one of the girls and his buddy and made it the wall paper of the cell phone. He thinks that cell phone is his. I keep telling him it's still mine. When I feel it would be a good diea for him to have one., I will let him take it. But he has personalized it. With a picture of a girl... Oh boy!

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