Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Slow Cooking Thursday

Since I have been usning my crockpot a couple of times a week, I thought I'd participate in Slow Cooking Thursday hosted by Sandra.

But here's the thing. I am away from home 11-12 hours a day thanks to an hour long commute each way. So a lot of casserole-type recipes get burned. Yes, I have one of those Rival timers for my crockpot. I usually set it to cook for 10 hours and then it changes to warm.

This idea is from my brother. In college (we were housemates for 2 years) we used to say we needed to get a cow for our roomate C who drank milk all the time. But then we decided that was not a good ideas becasue my Brother R would slaughter it for the meat.

So take a tip roast - the kind you buy with the netting, and pace it in the crock pot. Pour 2 cans of beef consume over it (half the time IN throw in water and a few bullion cubes). Then cover with a small jar of horseradish. Let it cook for hours (8 on low, 4 on high). Pull it out and slice it. Serve on hard, crusty rolls. This is often our Christmas eve dinner.

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Sandra said...

That sounds so good, just perfect for my hubby, he loves roast and he loves horseradish :)

Thanks for sharing and thank you for playing along :)

Have a great day,