Band Parents

Band Parents

Friday, September 01, 2006

Cranky today

I did not sleep well. I woke up about 2:30 and could not go back to sleep. I was fretting. The “obvious” issue I was angry about was not the whole story. I was really out of sorts. I was quite angry at Hubby, but it was also partly my own fault. It has been a busy week. There were some major personnel issues at work which came to the best conclusion on Wednesday; the 11 YO had soccer games Tuesday and Wednesday evening. So it was wait for my ride home, get to the rendezvous point, get into my car and race to the soccer field and catch the last half of the soccer game. Oh, wait, grab some food to stuff into myself. Then home where Hubby changed clothes and went to work out. I had some errands I though about running Wed night, but since Hubby was gone, I was unable. So I got up early Thursday and went to the 24 hour Mega Mart to get the things I needs for a work event.


I value my personal time. I have been subject to someone else’s schedule all week: the carpool, work, soccer and Hubby. But I know Hubby’s been feeling some of the same. He has to be the one to drop the boys off everywhere because I work out of town. I’m pleased that he is making the time to work out. I have not found my balance. Last night I did get to run an errand, but I felt more demands on me when I got home. This weekend we have pans to go out of town. I’m wishing we did not. It sure does put me in a lousy mood. Hopefully it will go away soon.

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